Moving ahead with the chilly winter…

Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

It’s not freezing like the Northern India, but I’m sure we all are feeling that major drop in the temperature…Mumbai has really become cold this year, in a long time to come. Call it the global warming or whatever other reason, these chills are like never before and are giving that perfect winter feel in and around this region. Don’t miss on all those super and palate-tickling winter foods and make the most out of them…enjoy and stay warm!

Of the usual stuffs, Master Chef India Season 3 shoots in Karjat for me, are at a halt for sometime as I had to fly to Dubai on Tuesday for the opening of the second Options Restaurant at Movenpick Hotel in Deira, Dubai. The first one was a successful launch and I wish, with the second one too, I get to attend and launch many more of my restaurants world over. Always keeping my fingers crossed for the best!

While in office, its shoots and trails doing the rounds amidst the renovation of Alyona’s and my cabin. The work is taking pace slowly and I’m too excited and waiting eagerly for my rooms to get made-up in the all new avatar!

Besides this, Youtube shoots are on with Anupa Das making cooking very simple and easy for beginners. The series have already begun and there are many more to come. I hope these tips and tricks are proving handy to all those who are first-timers or have had that skeptical feel about cooking. No need to worry any further, just log on to ‘sanjeevkapoorkhazana’ on Youtube and check the ‘Recipes for Beginners’ by Chef Anupa Das like roti, chawal, subzi, dal, chai and all such basic things. Don’t delay any further!

Also, trials for new recipes to go on are almost over with the second schedule. Watch out for these unique dishes on the website – soon to be uploaded!

FoodFood’s Style Chef and Mummy ka Magic shoots are also scheduled to begin in the coming weeks, so the Channel is busy with the preparations and recipe research and development for the same are on.

All for now, watch out for more to come…

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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