Honouring children and talent this Children’s Day

Children are the catalyst, crucial to propel any nation’s progress. Children’s day and Chacha Nehru are synonym to each other. 14th November marks the birth centenary of renowned freedom fighter who treasured children very much and it was his fond wish to celebrate and honour children.
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was independent India’s first Prime Minister. Nehruji was a very futuristic prime minister who had the vision and foresight that children and their wellbeing should be addressed.  This day celebrations will help create awareness and uplift children’s social rights too. Children’s Day festival also focuses to identify the talent, education, health, cultural, financial and social needs of children. Nehru chacha worked passionately for the child welfare issue. He sought to create responsible citizens out of young children.  It was his efforts that saw fruition in terms of five years planned strategy, which would help to realize that every child in India would get the advantage of free and compulsory Primary Education.
Children’s day in India is celebrated with a lot of gusto and is filled with a range of fun-filled activities at majority of schools throughout India. Even many company sponsored events and competitions are hounouring the tremendous talent that children possess.
Meet a couple of promising winners with bright future.
Satyam Kumar- is like any other ordinary 12-year-old, but his achievement of cracking the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance exam at this tender age is anything but ordinary. At the moment he is studying at a school in Rajasthan’s Kota. Young boy has become a ‘wonder boy’ not just for his family, but for all his peers and fellow candidates who find it tough to clear the IIT-JEE even at 19 or 20 years of age. The young boy, who comes from a modest farmer family in Bihar’s Bhojpur district, has qualified for IIT admission with an all-India rank of 8,137.
Arun Kumar Yadav- If you have had a chance to see the Google search engine today you might find it interesting to know that Google has displayed a colourful and creative Doodle 4 Google India 2012 on its homepage created by Arun Kumar Yadav, a studentof class 9 KendriyaVidyalaya, Chandigarh. This award winning unique creativity just leaves you in awe of the artistic stroke this kid possesses.
Celebrating their success and hopefully this should inspire the best in your own children; spend some quality time with your children today and dish out these recipe suggestions together and make a memorable day out of it. Happy Children Day!!

Choco Cookie Shake
Saucy Butterflies
Chicken Pops

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