Children’s Day Special

Children are special and it goes without saying that it is the finest phase where life is enjoyed to the fullest. Children are so precious and go about life, unbothered and being merry in their own world.  In India Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November while the Universal Children’s Day is witnessed on 20th November.
The great legend and persona, Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the most eminent figures who fought persistently for India’s independence. Nehruji was called Chacha Nehru by children who adored and admired him. Nehruji’s birthday is on 14th November to honour and to acknowledge his contribution and involvement in Children welfare; Nehruji’s birth anniversary is remembered as Bal Diwas or Children’s day. This day all institutions or schools pay homage via various programs organized for children to salute Chacha Nehru’s lifelong passion for the development of young people or children.
Understanding the true essence of Children’s Day that is very relevant today is important.  The core values and vital disciplines learned as a child are responsible for shaping the kind of adulthood one has. It is the main duty of parents, teachers and elders to teach their child the value of sharing with those who are not so fortunate then not only can a child grow into a responsible human being.  We cannot hide the fact that a large number of children in India are not getting basic privilege like health care, sanitation and education. Many children are compelled in to child labour for earning money instead of playing.
Here’s an idea that can be you fun-filled activity to celebrate this children’s day with your own children as well as support a worthy cause.
Prepare these delicious recipe suggestions given with your own children.  Enjoy the quality time, good food and then prepare some more and share it with few underprivileged kids in your own area or locality where you stay.
Children’s Day special recipes,which are deliciously different with the aim to make a difference. Try Today! Happy Children’s Day!

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