Chat with me, live on Facebook!

In office everyone’s busy with the preparations for the Food Blogger’s Meet and the live Facebook Chat, both of which are scheduled on November 6, 2012. Day before Yesterday, my team did a test trial of the live Facebook Chat and all was well. Also, a few days back my dear friend and food writer Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal was here along with the team from Hungama Digital for the discussions about the schedule of the Food Blogger’s Meet. I will be demonstrating a few recipes for the food enthusiasts while an interaction will go on, after which there will be a lunch.
Post lunch, the chat session will go on. Something really big coming up! So catch me live on November 6, 2012 from 4 p.m. onwards on Facebook by logging onto my official page or 
Day before Yesterday was in Cumbala Hill in South Mumbai, where I was invited by the channel ET Now for an upcoming Diwali special episode, to judge a cook off between the various CEOs of some top companies – Puma, Visa and LG. It was pretty impressive the way these men of honour cooked their dishes and I had a great time tasting each of the dishes! Later, as I was chatting with these men, there was a common question by all of them there that “how to look good” while cooking! For which, I demonstrated the recipe Golgappa Espresso Shots and just gave them the answer! The date for the telecast of this schedule is still to be announced, so keep a watch on this space for that…
Also, it was trick-or-treat time yesterday in the West…so wishing all my friends, family, fans and followers there a Belated Happy Halloween. Enjoy those pumpkins carved into jack-o’-lanterns, the costume parties and candy apples!
All for now, more to come with pictures about the Food Blogger’s Meet and the Chat as they unfold…
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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