Reaching the end of the euphoric African journey…

It’s day 12 in this incredible land of Africa and we are about to wrap up the journey in a few more days. I must say it was quite an opportunity to get to know so much about this mystic region alongwith its people, culture, traditions, food and a lot more stuff. I can rightfully say that this trip will be one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had!

I will be leaving back for Nairobi today via visiting Lake Nakuru. ‘Nakuru’ in the Maasai language means ‘dust’ or ‘dusty place’ and is located in the rift valley of Kenya. This lake has the presence of algae in plenty which is the reason for attracting a huge number of flamingos and pelicans. The lake also houses mammals like black and white rhinos, baboons, waterbucks and other large mammals. The place is also surrounded by vegetation which is one of its kind – the biggest African forest named Euphorbia with a scenic landscape and yellow acacia woodlands. The forest is a shelter to about 500 different and unique plant species. Other places of interest in and around this area include the viewpoints like Lion Hill, Baboon Cliff, hills like Enasoit, Honeymoon, Lion Hill Ridge and waterfalls like Makalia. Pretty excited to check out these places!

Later in the evening I have a flight to catch to Entebbe, the shore city of Uganda. The city has Uganda’s international airport and is used by the United Nations as a depot and staging area for vehicles and heavy equipments that are part of peace keeping and other missions in the central African region. The famous Cafe Bavariana in the city of Entebbe has delicious pastries, microfoam cappucinos and various other espresso based coffees. This place is also known for its organic and free-trade coffee which is got from the greens of the Rwandan border.

After exploring the city, we shall depart for Kampala – the capital and largest city of Uganda, where we will halt for the night. One of the greenest cities in Africa, Kampala is built on the shores of Lake Victoria, world’s second largest fresh water lake and the source of Nile river. This city is known for its ‘pork joints’ that are little hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Some of the food items that I expect to see are meat (usually beef), rice, beans, matoke (steamed green bananas, served mashed with peanut sauce). A street snack that’s famous in this place is the rolex – pancake wrapped around an omelette with cabbage and tomatoes. Others include roast beef, goat and chicken usually served with chips and salad and slow roasted corn.

That’s all about today’s schedule. The last leg of this trip will be travelling to Jinja and exploring a bit more of Kampala. Will be back in Nairobi on Sunday 21st to catch the night flight back to Mumbai. Off for now, keep a watch out for more on Jinja…

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor


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