African Sojourn

After an adventure filled balloon ride, which was awe inspiring, had adequate rest and a quite dinner at Serena. Yes, the wonderful African sojourn is still ongoing. 3.30 am was my wake up call to catch my early flight to get to Nairobi. After a bumpy landing we all safely reached the hotel. Did a little bit of unpacking and put in some breakfast. Then, I was ready to roll.

A small walk around the city, which was so easily accessible, seemed like a good idea, so went out by myself. Nairobi was a thriving place full of varied colors and had quite a few culinary offerings to sample. To my surprise, I found that Nairobi had many quality, food options available, be it continental, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and last but not the least local African gastronomic delights.

Sampling some of the local dishes namely, “posho” and “irio” seemed warm and inviting. Poshocan be considered as one of the staple food that all Kenyans enjoy. After sampling in the wonderful taste, I can understand why! Posho is prepared just like porridge and central ingredient is corn (or maize) that is ground into flour. When posho is mixed with coarsely mashed potatoes and vegetables it is called irio. Both were rather modest dishes but wonderfully balanced in taste. Thoroughly enjoyed both the dishes I tried. Ugaliis also very popular out here with the locals; it is served in a fairly big pot. Ugaliis beef stew.

That takes care of food and then it was time to discover local drinks available. Beer was largely and easily available. Palm wine comes close to beer as being the second most popular drink of choice. I tired beer that was called uki. Uki is a special type of brew made from honey.

We spent the rest of day exploring, shopping, and sightseeing in Nairobi. Later,dinner plans at Carnivore restaurant in Langata suburb was a huge success. It is an open air restaurant with appealing ambience. Well known as “the meat lover’s paradise” and a popular tourist destination. Carnivore restaurant serves all kinds and types of meat, you can think off including ostrich, crocodile and camel meats. The meats were painstakingly cooked to perfection, succulent and splendidly flavoured. I had to meet the Chef in person; it was a remarkable moment which will be dearly cherished by yours truly!

Plans for the next two days include weet Waters Lodge.
The lodge I have heard is a sight to behold; it is a private wildlife conservancy. It is a class apart that has very different experience to offer. Travellers from all over the world enjoy this retreat that has many things to offer. Abundant wildlife, varied size fresh fruit and vegetables farms and fully equipped amenities that you can enjoy with the whole family is the “USP” of this place. You can enjoy activities such as swimming in their big pool or pamper yourself with beauty treatments, take guided bush walks, go camel-trekking or pay a visit to the Sweet Waters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, or visit a tame black rhino.

It is said that “Falling in love” is the side effect most tourists experience here. Such highly regarded and recommended place definably deserves our attention. So, thus we have plans of spending two days at Sweet Waters Lodge to unwind and continue the indulgences. That’s it for now, from my end. Will, talk soon enough till then take care and adios.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor



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