Still in Africa!

Having a great time in this picturesque African land! Here’s an insight to the happenings that took place over the weekend and my further plans…
Friday, we took an early flight for Arusha…the home of the Ngorongoro Crater. Reached around 8.30 am and then started the beautiful scenic drive leading towards Lake Manyara. Arusha is well known for its national parks that are home to lions, elephants and baboons. The weather is snug, not too hot, and I am told that the youngsters here are crazy about hip-hop, so much that they have a Tanzanian hip-hop. After a beautiful drive with a packed lunch (sort of a picnic!) back to the hotel in the latter part of the afternoon.
Following morning ventured out onto the same route but went as far the Ngorongoro Crater. Only when we set our eyes upon it, we realised… why it is called the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ and declared UNESCO World Heritage site! It was the site of a volcano that has been dormant since two three million years. The crater is huge, around 250 square kilometres in area.  We are told that this lush and natural enclosure is home to diverse wildlife. The varied flora and fauna are untouched by man. No wonder it is called a land that time forgot. Rhinos, hippos, lions, and large bull elephants all living happily, in-sync, in-and-around the crater area. The local tribes (Maasai) are allowed to graze their herds in the crater, but they have to enter and exit daily. They are not allowed to settle down in this clandestine land of the wild.  We could have spent some more hours here but the memorable day has ended!
On Sunday, itinerary list comprised of the visit to the famous Serengeti via Olda vi Gorge. Serengeti, has been known to be founded by Stewart Edward White, an American hunter who had set out from Nairobi. It is locally known as ‘Siringitu’ meaning “the place where the land moves on perpetually” for the Maasai tribe. This region is rich with its varied cultures and the most common way to look at it is through the plethora of languages that are spoken out here – four chief language groups include Bantu, Nilotic, Cushitic and Khoisan. Apart from its diverse natural wildlife, Serengeti is blessed by a range of tourist spots like the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Maswa Game Reserve, Loliondo, and Grumeti.
So far, a truly adventure filled eight days completed in Africa… how time flies! Really excited about the Balloon Safari, which I am told will be an eventful undertaking of about one to two hours of watching wildlife from mid air! First and foremost, we will see the inflation of the balloon which will carry us up. And afterwards, on landing, a champagne breakfast in true English style. Ala Grand, I must say! Later we will fly back to Dar es Salaam and from there the first flight out to Nairobi, so that we can make the most of the day there. Now, off I go for the Balloon Safari that awaits me and duly tune-in for my next adventures.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor 


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