Ganesh Chaturthi – life of Lord Ganesha

It so happened that Kuber, the wealthiest among the residents of Paradise, hosted a feast in honour of Lord Ganesh. It was a joyful moment for gourmand Lord Ganesh who feasted to an extreme so much that he felt his stomach would burst! Smartly, he tied a snake around his stomach and went to pay obeisance to his parents.  With his tiny stature and rotund belly, he was unable to prostrate before his parents. When he tried to bend, he turned turtle.  Watching the scene from the sky was the moon, who burst out laughing at the sight. Goddess Parvati became livid at this ridicule of her beloved son, and cursed the moon that whoever saw him on Vinayak Chaturthi will be accused of a wrongdoing.
Another version of this story narrates that Lord Ganesh fell down from his vahan (the mouse) much to the amusement of the moon, who burst out laughing inviting Goddess Parvati’s wrath and her curse.
Goddess Parvati’s curse is so powerful that it did not spare even Lord Krishna.  A story has it that he was accused of stealing a very precious gem called Samantak Mani. The possessor of this stone is said to acquire tremendous prosperity and it belonged to Satrajit. Lord Krishna, who was born and brought up as a cowherd, while milking his cow on the Bhadrapad Chaturthi day, accidentally saw the reflection of the moon in the milk. As he wondered what disaster awaited him, he was accused of stealing Samantak Mani. In reality Jambavant, a bear, had found it in the forest and thinking that the shining gem would please his little daughter Jambavanti, had hung it over her cradle.  It was only after Lord Krishna traced the gem to the forest and brought it back after a battle with Jambavant that he could prove his innocence. From then on, to avoid the evil effects of the curse, Goddess Parvati declared that those who worshipped Lord Ganesh, especially on the Bhadrapad Chaturthi day and listened to this story would not be affected by the curse.
Please the God and savour these delicious mithais on this day.

Coconut Burfi 
Dry Fruits and Khajoor Laddoo




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