Ten top cooking tips from great chefs

Cooking in the home kitchen and cooking in a restaurant kitchen are different experiences. The latter calls for training of the chefs so that the maximum is done keeping the fact that large quantities of food are cooked at one time in mind. There is a lot of co-ordination needed between different teams and efficiency becomes the most important thing.
Saving time and saving effort becomes crucial. Cooking well, knowing the science behind every activity that requires heat, becomes important. Here we have some cooking tips that chefs apply, day in day out, in commercial cooking, which are also suitable for the home cook.
  • Prepare for the cook out! Have everything measured, chopped, sifted. Keep the pans with lids ready. Also the implements needed for economy of movement.
  • Use the sharpest knife.
  • Taste as you cook step by step. It helps to produce the perfect dish.
  • Go easy on the salt in the beginning. You can always add to taste at the last step.
  • Your olfactory senses are a good guide. Learn to practice using them.
  • Cushion the cutting board by using some wet newspapers. If the board stays immobile, the cutting is faster and better.
  • While frying, best not to overcrowd the pan.
  • A recipe calls for butter? Add some oil too so that the butter does not smoke or burn.
  • While baking, use the measuring scale, cups or spoons. Always heat the oven before putting in the cakes. Do it while you are beating up the ingredients. Grease the inside of the tin, as well as the paper lining.
  • Clean up as you go.




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