Let’s party!

All set for the office party on July 27, 2012 to celebrate 16 years of Khana Khazana at a venue very near to my office. It’s a real proud moment for me, and I can say the same for the team who has worked day-in, day-out to get the company at this pinnacle which it is today! And what better way to celebrate this moment with the present lot as well as some of the ex- Khazanaites! Most of the events of the party have been kept as a surprise to me, so will be able to tell you after the party…not bad, it’s good to get surprises!

Besides this, as usual, there will be loads of food, drinks and dance and everybody, dressed in their best, shall have a gala time! Will post the after-event pictures as soon as it gets through…keep a check!
And while everyone gets ready for the party mode, I’ll be wrapping up the new schedule of the Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen shoots going on in Goregaon. While, I was on my trip to Georgia, I made sure that I got myself educated with the traditional Georgian food and picked up a few books. So, this time I’ll be including some Georgian recipes also in my episodes, and trust me they are simple and as delicious as they can be!
Tomorrow is the formal board meeting of our restaurant vertical ICPL. We will share the growth and chart of the future.
Besides this, August will have me travelling again to various places for some upcoming events and I will keep you all updating as and when they take place.
So, as the mood is all party now, I will share some delectable recipes just perfect for such occasions…

Chocolate Coffee Ambrosia
Kadai Prawns with Roasted Pepper Jam
Crème Brulee

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor. 

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