Back in town…

Just returned from the Pink City of India, Jaipur. Amazingly clean city, such wide smooth roads, a dream to achieve in Mumbai! Alyona had given me a small list of things to pick up for her from Johari Bazar, famous as it is for semi precious stones and lehriya sarees…and of course, the famous mithai ghevar!
I had the most exciting Live Show there organized by the Dainik Bhaskar group. Got a chance again to interact with a great 2000+ audience and cook some vegetarian recipes like Crackling Spinach Raita, Kachchi Sabziyon aur Mangodi ki Biryani, Soft Centered Chocolate Cake…naming just a few. It always has been an exhilarating experience to travel to this part of India, steeped in culture. Looking forward to more such trips in the near future!
In office, the photo shoot for the upcoming book on chocolate just got over the previous week. Of whatever I’ve seen, there are some stunning shots captured by photographer Bharat Bhirangi and his team. Also, my team made it possible to bring out the chocolate recipes in the best form…this book is something to definitely look out for, especially for chocolate lovers! Keep a watch on this space for more updates on this sinful ingredient!
Simultaneously, recipe trials for a book on easy everyday cooking are done and finished with. The photo shoot is in the offing, scheduled next month. Just a sneak peak into the book – it is a compilation of all those quick and easy recipes which a housewife can ever dream of for a hassle-free daily menu, all being presented in new avatars! What was boring before could well be renamed interesting!
Also, a new schedule of Turban Tadka shoots is full-on in the office studios. It’s light, camera, action time for Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi and things will remain as busy as this till the week ends. So, there’s much chahal-pahal going on in the office besides the normal work routine.
Besides this, preparations are on for a party to celebrate 16 years of Khana Khazana on July 27, 2012 at a venue very near to my office. Will keep you posted with our places and post event photos.
Time for some tasty recipes and this time I shall share a few from Jaipur, bringing with me the flavours of Marwari cuisine. Try them out…

Kachche Kele aur Matar ke Cutlet
Aloo ka Rassawala Shaak

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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