Just as I am about to board my flight for back home, I thought I would share pictures of the White House visit with you. Also giving you relevant links about the coverage.
I will just about make it before midnight and celebrate my day with Alyona at home! Will cook a meal for the family at a later date!
Soon after reaching there are plans for a shoot at Delhi and then I have to gear up for the shooting spell of Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen.
I am sure you will be intrigued to see the inside of the White House. Well, I am sharing all that I had access to and I spent some really memorable few hours. Helping the White House kitchen roll out Easter eggs and other goodies was my dear friend from Mumbai Chef Anil Rohira. He makes all of us proud of his achievements. I felt good to be in the White House and also spend so much one-to-one time with Executive Chef Bill Yosses. His parting gift to me was a warm hug and wishes to see one another again, probably in India. He has accepted my invitation to visit India! He showed great interest in my book How to Cook Indian and he also mentioned that he loves to eat at Indique Heights, my friend Chef Vinod’s restaurant. I feel thrilled that Indian cuisine is being explored at such exalted levels now.
Sharing some cooling treats that I am looking forward to…
Will write again when back home.
Sanjeev Kapoor


The Varli Food Festival went extremely well with all the love and support we got from Varli and Rick and the people here in New York City. And to add to it, a cherry to the icing – I had an amazing visit to the White House alongwith dear friend Chef K N Vinod and met another gem of a person with whom I work very closely in Mumbai Chef Anil Rohira there on Easter day. The ambience was all festive and a lot is expected to happen today as well because of the traditional Easter egg roll hunt where a whopping 30,000 visitors are already expected.
Executive Chef Bill Yosses of the White House fame took us around and shared behind the scene preparations for Easter. Chef Yosses being fond of Indian food discussed at length its growing popularity in United States and at the White House. He loves to visit Indique Heights, Chef Vinod’s restaurant.
Also, a moment of pride for me was to present my latest book on Indian food, How To Cook Indian to Chef Yosses as also for President Obama and his better half, the First Lady. We also visited the First Lady’s favorite place in the house, her kitchen garden. It was exhilarating for me to get this opportunity to make it to the White House. Also, I have extended an invitation to Chef Yosses to visit India for a culinary tour. And by the way, the White House kitchen makes meals for around 4000 people everyday and the size of the kitchen is not as big as I expected it to be and this I guess could be a challenge for any chef.
To know more about my visit, click on the following link:
As I prepare for my journey back, let me share some local recipes from this part of the world.
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Greetings from USA!

A day prior to the Varli Food Festival in New York, my second year of participation after the successful first year, where I’ll be carrying out a cooking station… It is the incessant love and passion of Varli and Rick, the energetic couple behind this successful concept which has brought me again to this festival. In some way I feel responsible that their efforts, in working towards making Indian cuisine amongst the most popular type of cuisines in America, should fructify and I am sure and confident they will. Also, New York is a city with a great open mind, where Indians abide in great numbers. Hence, the exposure to Indian cuisine to the locals of the city is substantially magnified by the Varli Food Festival. It is a wonderful platform to showcase Indian chefs and their creations.
Besides this, I’m looking forward to introduce to United States my new Television Channel, FoodFood and this time around I am not alone, along with me are two Chefs – Saransh Goila, the winner of FoodFood Maha Challenge and Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, the host of the popular show Turban Tadka.
Will be back home on April 11, 2012 and immediately after this will be off to New Delhi for a short stint of shootings. Back again and shall start with the preparations for the new schedule of Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen in the third week of April. Turban Tadka shoots in office to follow alongwith it…
Amidst all this, I will be travelling to Dubai a couple of times to fine tune the launch of Signature, where trials are already happening. Also, just in from the channel side, FoodFood live shows are doing very well…a real motivation!!!
Then, early May, more of travelling with a trip to Korea for WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies) where I’ll have to prepare a presentation as a keynote speaker. A lot more to follow as the days pass by.
As the mood is all International with Indian cuisine, let me share some exciting fusion recipes. Try from…

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor