Back to our roots…

Ayurveda is the in-thing now!
Wrapped up a successful schedule of Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen day before yesterday. Must mention that this had been one of the best schedules till date, with loads of exciting themes and some enthusiastic fans calling up and talking to me! Kudos to my team, one more time, who put up a great show.
The most interesting part was the Ayurveda special episodes. I am deeply attached to this subject as it is one of India’s gifts to the world, for a healthy living. So, what better could I possibly do, than to propagate the wonders of this marvel through my recipes.
Ayurvedic cuisine is already making a mark on the world map. Hence, as a true Indian, it becomes my responsibility as well to promote it at its best. So, cooked up a few recipes like Amle ka Sherbet, Barley Khichdi, Lal Maath ki Sabzi, etc., to go with this theme. I also made it a point to talk about a few Ayurvedic herbs with actual illustrations during the course of the episodes, just to give all the viewers an idea about this precious genre of science. This is just the beginning and will definitely work on this subject more and more.
I think introducing Ayurveda in today’s fast-paced and strenuous lives will not only reduce the lifestyle related diseases amongst people, but also get in some discipline, leading to overall mental peace.
For this reason only, I’ll also be concentrating on the subject of Ayurveda for my presentation at World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) 2012 in Daejon, for which I will be flying to South Korea on May 1, 2012. Looking forward to this trip, as always, as this side of the globe has always amazed me in some or the other way and has offered me something great everytime. Besides this, meeting and interacting with other top-notch professionals from the culinary world will be a bonus! More on this to follow…
Also, latest is CNN International’s series ‘Fusion Journeys’ which begins its broadcast from April 23, 2012. In this there are 3 films of 5 minutes each of my journey to meet Chef Rene Redzepi of Noma fame in Copenhagen. These films will be broadcast during ‘Connect The World’ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday late in the night. Follow the link to get more of this:
On the office front, today I will be busy with a shoot for People’s Magazine and my team has already started the work to help me dish out an exhilarating mango recipe. Thrilled! Also, Turban Tadka shoots are getting over today.
This is it for now and I shall keep my fans and followers updated with more and more on the Ayurveda front as well as every other happening in general.
As for now, not fully Ayurvedic though, here are some healthy Indian recipes you can try…

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

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