Snack attack

Indian snack recipes are something always in high demand! Be it the universal samosa, or the pakoda, the  idli or the dosa, snacks like these are mini meals when accompanied with the appropriate beverage, which in most homes would either be a cup of hot tea or cup of frothy coffee.

 Indian snack recipes are also the ones that have been the most experimented with! If you are not looking for the usual potato or keema stuffed samosa, look for a recipe like Mini Chinese Samosa which is not only a fusion of two cuisines but also fast becoming an added attraction in wedding buffets. Well , wedding buffets do take the cake when it comes to a glorious display of Indian snacks, served hot and live! You can settle at the dosa counter, or the chaat stall and then decide to give the heavy main courses a complete miss. Kala Chana Matka Chaat is something one could make at home and also use to grace the party tables. Kids simply love the Chinese dosa or the Spring Dosa, so make these a Sunday special.

So travel the length and breadth of India browsing for Indian Snack recipes and you will surely include the Punjabi Samosa in your tasting, or the kachoris in Marwar, the Bhutte ke Khees in Indore, the appams in Kerala and the puchka in Bengal. And oh yes, the all time favourite of Mumbaikers, the vada pao. It comes across as the most popular street food and there is really no other contender which can comes close to this common man’s snack!  Other popular ones are the Bhel puri, which can be altered to the Sprout Bhelpuri or something creative like the Bread Bhel Puri.
While it is easy to digress from one mouth watering snack to another, let us now leave some space for the incoming greatness of non vegetarian Indian snack recipes….

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