Watch me with Chef Rene on CNN’s Fusion Journeys from tonight

CNN International series ‘Fusion Journeys’ – part culture show, part travel show – begins its broadcast in the week beginning April 16th 2012. In this there are 3 films of 5 minutes each of my journey to meet Chef Rene Redzepi of Noma in Copenhagen. These films will be broadcast during ‘Connect The World’ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday late in the night. For full details here is the link
CNN has done this programme beautifully portraying it as a chef’s journey to a location of his choice. I had an absolutely memorable time with Chef Rene Redzepi. He serves Nordic food at his world-renowed restaurant Noma and we had to go out of town to look for new ingredients, whether it was the seabed or riverbanks and forests. I was totally impressed by Chef Rene’s quest for perfect ingredients and his Smoked Quail’s Egg is something that I would love to introduce in my new restaurants. The soft boiled quail egg is smoked over hay, and is presented in a small egg shaped dish, served with a side of radish in edible “mud” ( it is created with roasted malt and hazelnut on herb cream). We exchanged many notes and I enjoyed teaching Chef Rene some of my dishes. Before I left he served me one if his three prized possessions – orange flavoured ants. These are local ants with a citric flavour and not normally put on his menu. To catch these incredible series that successfully illustrate cultural fusion, tune in to CNN international tonight.
Loads happening in our kitchens with an absolutely new menu being evolved for The Yellow Chilli outlets. Trials of the recipes are happening, day in and out, and chefs are busy.
My partner, Fudkor, who make Khazana Pickles held a puja at their new factory near Katraj in Pune today. My colleague Rajeev represented me on this auspicious occasion. All the very best to Mr Dipen and Mr Kapasi and Khazana Pickles! More people will be have access to these pickles now.
Leaving for New Delhi tonight as I have a shoot at Noida tomorrow. Will be accommodating some media meets alongside.
As there is abundance of summer gourds in the market, how about some tasty preparations using them?
Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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