FoodFood TV channel, ranks 10 in the list of most trusted TV channel in the 1st year of launch!

Month of February is surely ending on an upbeat note!
My food lifestyle channel FoodFood has climbed tenth spot in the very first year of its launch, according to the Brand Trust Report (BTR) unveiled early this week.
The BTR, compiled and released annually, includes the BTR questionnaire which is designed to illuminate approximately 425 aspects of brand trust, of which 391 were directly brand related. The study generated nearly two million data points and 17,000 brands and was conducted across 15 cities. FoodFood’s philosophy of content honesty has paid off. We try to show what people want and like. Their success in making recipes after the shows is the secret of our success. We will keep doing that. Content will drive the channel.
As the new month comes marching in, so do our new offerings on! What should you look out for? Holi and Gudi Padwa specialities, foods that your children will enjoy during their exams, Chettinaad recipes, as also something special for the International Women’s Day which is coinciding with Holi this year!
Shooting tomorrow for Star CJ and it could be a long day for me. Work in full swing on a couple of new books and as a curtain raiser I might just tell you that your packed lunches are going to be resuscitated!
As grapes and strawberries are in full season why not make the most of them?
Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

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