Usual for them, but maybe unusual for you! All about breakfasts…

Indian breakfast recipes are easy to come by. One can have aloo parantha, idli chutney, puri kachori, khakhra and thepla, omelet with bread… but how about touring India and looking at some unusual breakfasts?
First thing that comes to mind is having breakfast as a meal is so ‘unusual’ for so many urban people! They just do not have the time to put fuel in their bodies after a night long fasting period….something, that health conscious people will tell you, is just not good. The funniest part is that these same people will have time to get the car’s petrol tank filled up because it has to take them to work!
First and foremost, do something about tumbling the breakfast barrier. In fact, look out for quick recipes that fuel you up. It can be a usual breakfast, a traditional breakfast, that is easy for you and the family…eggs and toast, stuffed paranthas, cereal and milk, fruit smoothie, upma, poha, idli…whatever is the best for your table. But then when you start looking around you do wonder at some foods that seem to be the common man’s breakfast. What is usual for them can be unusual for you!
Be it hot syrupy jalebis dunked in milk in wintry mornings of UP and Haryana. Unusual for you, but not for the hard working farmer who will toil in the fields for us. I went to Indore recently. Mounds of poha come up like magic even in the early hours…and jalebi too. And whoever is awake or is off to work can be seen enjoying them. In Ahmedabad, where I was for a road show, I was intrigued to see the sale of the long besan ka fafda….yes, for breakfast. I found it an unusual thing to have in the morning but Gujaratis love it with masala chai. If fafda is not accessible then they might have ganthia. The Jains thrive on khakhras for breakfast. One cup of tea can be enough to wash down half a dozen crumbled khakras and off they go…ready for work. Some years back when we had gone to Amritsar, having peethiwali poori with aloo chole is a usual breakfast. Well, maybe unusual for a South Indian…because we saw one lady in a Kanjeevaram saree, obviously a tourist, who had a full plate with great relish….no usual idlis for her with coffee that morning!
Time for all of us in the urban category who have to take this meal seriously, to cook something in the morning, start off the day full of healthy stuff and honour breakfast recipes.

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