Junk food with a difference!

Spent yesterday, a pleasant Sunday morning, at the workshop organized by the Times of India on ‘Healthy cooking for Kids’. My mind was clear – that I was going to demonstrate some foods that kids will enjoy and mothers will have no qualms in making them or serving them, because even though they ‘looked’ like kids’ favourite junk food, my version had added ingredients that made the dishes healthy food! So, the goal was to create awareness that it is possible to keep both kids and parents happy about food, the taste, and the health benefits. I say, if kids want junk food, give it to them, but only after tweaking the recipes adding some healthy elements.
First of all, it was heartening to see some children sitting right ahead near the stage! The seats were full with adults, but the children who came to see the show got the best view! Kids are fond of food and eating, and not to forget these days they are doing it the smart way! They are quite aware of what and how much they should be eating.
At home also, amongst both my kids, while the elder one – Rachita is a foodie, the younger one – Kriti always has a question mark on her face as to why should we eat and being an athlete, she likes to keep a tight rein on the consumption of fatty food at home. She is the one who is constantly keeping tabs on my weight and asks me to slim down the moment she feels I need to!
A good thing, for this generation needs to be alert about diet and fitness like none other.
My time, albeit one short hour, went fast in showing dishes like NRG Shake, Healthy Pizza, Sprout Bhelpuri, etc. These recipes are visible on http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com. I could interact with the attendees and answered their queries. Soon Madhuri Dixit joined us and she regaled the audience with her tips on how she handles her boys, who are finicky eaters, and how she is focused on bringing nutritious food onto her table.
A very pleasant morning, like I said, and very well spent! Let’s just check out some more recipes which were a hit with the kids…

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

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