Maintain health with breakfast

Breakfast recipes are always welcome, aren’t they? So here we are again, talking about the most important meal of the day, breakfast! Those of you who drive a car know that it needs to have fuel to run. In the same way, all of us need breakfast in the morning, which will keep us revving through the day. Yes, refueling is there at lunch and teatime and dinner, but the kick-start has to be breakfast!

Pages can be filled up with health facts about breakfast and breakfast recipes. People do not have this important meal because they do not have time in the morning. Whatever may be the time you have to leave for work, college, school there IS time to eat breakfast. You need to be organized as well as committed to the fact that breakfast has to be taken seriously. In the long run, eating breakfast helps to maintain better health.
Organise a menu. Make a list of things that your family would enjoy for breakfast. Then shop for them, at least the non-perishables and be equipped. The following play some role at breakfasts: cereals, cheese, sweet corn, poha, rawa, dalia, nuts, whole-wheat flour. Look for a bakery that can give you fresh whole-wheat bread. There are certain brands that claim to be whole-wheat but is actually refined flour bread given the golden brown colour with caramel.
For healthier versions of breakfast, make some switchovers: from butter to hung yogurt, from mayonnaise to absolutely no mayonnaise except once in a blue moon, from whole eggs to white of eggs, from paranthas laden with ghee to paranthas brushed just a bit with ghee, from full cream milk to skimmed milk; if you can, avoid tea and coffee. Yes, this is a difficult thing to achieve but like we say, if you can! Tea and coffee in moderation cannot be harmful but if one is used to having them in a stream while at work, acidity can become a major problem. And, also cutting down on tea and coffee has one advantage, you can also cut down on your total sugar intake! Some tips for easy breakfast.
• Make sandwiches. Buy the bread the night before. Apply green chutney, some slices of tomato and lettuce, or pineapple or boiled egg whites. Install them as high as you can bite, wrap in foil and eat if you cannot avoid it, on the move.
• Idlis make a good breakfast but how can it be a jiffy one? It can be, provided the batter is ready to be used. It takes ten minutes to steam a batchful. Sprinkle some sprouts and chopped green chillies and have them while still warm.
• Have fresh seasonal fruits with whisked yogurt. It makes a wonderful healthy start to the day.

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