Count down to Sunday Run for Autism

In Nepal for the launch of The Yellow Chilli restaurant. Well, it is cool out here and things are warming up back home in Mumbai for the SCMM on Sunday 15th! I will be back on Saturday afternoon. It has been a good year for me as I have been able to maintain my weight, and have devoted time to exercise and keep myself fit and fine! Even Alyona has been tremendously active and both of us like to set the example that it is worth attaining the healthy body weight and worth maintaining it, come high or low!
My cause for the Dream Run in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon , as you all must be knowing, has always been to raise funds for the Forum of Autism. I will run with my team, my friends from the Forum and will hope and pray that my cause gets more and more propaganda with every passing year.
Well, will keep you all updated with the pics and snippets from the Dream Run…
Till then, some carbo loading ideas for the participants of the half marathon and full marathon. It’s not only about pasta, as some foreign magazines have us believe, but Indian rotis and rice are fantastic. Begin tonight and three days is good enough for carbo loading. Good luck to all!

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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