All’s Fare in Love

Valentine’s Day is in a few weeks time. Everyone needs new Valentine recipes to plan a Valentine special that could mean a lovely dinner for two with the works. For some presentation is of more importance as they feel it is the beautiful table settings that set the dreamy mood. If you love to cook and have the time, go all out and cook! But don’t spend so much time cooking and cleaning that you lose sight of the goal, which is to have a romantic evening.

But before we let you decide some Valentine recipes, decide on the theme. Loosen the purse strings and set the table with a pale pink lacy tablecloth dotted with matching tablemats and beg, borrow or steal (or spend and buy your own) crockery to match, which could be the simple thin white china or the latest craze of crystal. Cutlery could be dealt with (should I say arranged!) in a similar manner. The centerpiece could be a low arrangement of blood red roses with ribbons and a smoke free, drip free candle romancing the whole scene. Invest in a smoke free candle because no one wants eyes that hurt while speaking the language of love across the table. On the walls you can have deep pink ribbons hung up in tiered scalloped design with small clusters of little pink flowers at the joint of two scallops. Music is what sets the mood. The best choice would be something slow and romantic, something low and sensuous that could be more instrumental and less vocal so that the music attracts rather than distract.
If food is music of love for you then let’s play on. Food is what will be remembered provided you have taken the pains to gain this effect. It takes more effort to plan an elegant, romantic evening at home than it does to make a reservation and pick up chocolate and flowers! But the former will give you a sense of accomplishment and reward. Best of all, elegant does not have to mean expensive or too time consuming. Try out these Valentine recipes: Angoori Paneer TikkaKaju Moti PulaoQuick Strawberry Cheesecake.

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