Food – universal language of love

The month of February, the world over, is reserved for romance. I am sure some of you are already looking for some Valentine recipes! February the 14th, which is celebrated as Valentine’s Day, is still some five weeks or more away. But when the time comes candies, flowers, greeting cards and gifts will be exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Food is the universal language of love and the best way to express your feelings. Roses may wither, gifts may go to the back of the cupboard (and mind!) but a specially cooked meal for your beloved will be remembered always.

To help you along, here are some pointers on important foods that could be part of your menu.
Chocolate and Cocoa: Romance and velvety enduring sweetness are associated with chocolate as also being a cure for hangovers, a booster of energy and promoter of longevity. Mostly the Aztec (Mexican) royals drank Xocolatl, a foamy fermented drink, based on cocoa. In our times chocolate has its own niche in the kitchen: cakes, biscuits, creams, mousses and ice creams all rely on it! Try something different likeChocolate Almond Bar.
Cardamom: A whiff of Eastern magic, it is believed to have originated at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and travelled to Greece and Rome and found a home in perfumes. In India it is an inherent part of our cooking – be it in the garam masala or in the paan, cardamoms cook up a fragrant freshness!
Continuing with suggestions for ingredients for Valentine recipes think about the classy and classic combination! Chilled bubbly/champagne with sensuous strawberries are perfect together. Read on…..
Fruits: Actually they should be first on the list. The best thing about them is their texture and sweetness. Specially figs. The presence of figs in amorous encounters of Cleopatra makes interesting literature. Chicken with orange, figs and barbeque sauce is lovely!
Honey: It has been noted in history that honey promotes vitality.
Milk: A warm cup of milk is recommended as a nightcap! Milk shakes that combine milk with some fruits and nuts are energy boosters too.
Olives: With love from the Mediterranean beauty come olives and olive oil now prevalent in many kitchens around the world!
Onion and Garlic: Onion is a symbol of fertility with its other member of the family including garlic. Onions can treat everyday coughs, colds and sore throats, as well as be served in countless dishes and salads. Garlic is considered good for the heart. Onions and garlic are stimulants.
And so what are the dishes one can serve as Valentine recipes? Take a look atBaked Prawns with Honey Mustard.

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