Fresh and hopeful, it’s 2012!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We bring for you good food, fresh hope and also a new track of always eating healthy and losing all that extra weight! The world is awash with a health wave. We are looking at preventive measures in a big way. The basic foundation of optimal health comes from eating nutritious home cooked meals. The first hitch comes when I often hear that people do not have time to cook any more! That is why the booming fast food business…and that is why most of the health problems! I seriously think if paucity of time keeps us away from good health then we need to prioritise our schedules right away.

I am in the middle of a shooting schedule for Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen and we did have small party in the office on Saturday with fun filled activities and gifts and eats! My year has begun on a busy note and as FOODFOOD, 24 X 7 TV channel, nears the completion of its first year, I feel more and more proud of my whole team who has helped me in my organization. 2011 also saw the launch of the Hindi website and that too is a proud achievement.
Besides these, when I look back in the year 2011, there’s this nostalgic rush through my mind about the events and happenings which took place in this fruitful year. I’ve been always sharing these things with you all, but just to group it up, let me share it one more time as we usher into the New Year.
• On the Online, Digital and Mobile Media front, we’ve almost touched the 1000th mark with recipe videos on Youtube. Tremendous job done by my team and the hardwork surely pays off. Also, Hungama Digital Interface has made the recipes on mobile applications possible by the year end. A lot more action to happen in the coming days…
• The Print and Publishing side had some good books released like the US and the UK version of my most prized possession “How to Cook Indian”, which also had me touring to the United States & UK for its promotion. Also, the Diabetic UK book was published in India along with many more like Cooking with Love and Mithai. The New Year has begun with research and work for the upcoming books on Chocolate, Tiffins and soon to be released The Yellow Chilli Cookbook.
• Then comes the restaurant front, Delhi saw a grand exclusive opening under my restaurant vertical Indian Cookery Private Limited. Called Sura Vie: the new destination for live music and fine dining, on December 16, 2011 with live performances by musicians Raghu Dixit and Half Step Down and which was followed by Cocktails & Dinner.
Also, new outlets of The Yellow Chilli are lined up for their opening at Bahrain on January 8 and 9, 2012 and at Kathmandu on January 11 and 12, 2012. The launch of TheYellow Chilli in Kolkata will soon be announced too.
• Wonderchef, is doing well. It continues to promote to Indian Homemakers a unique range of cookware, kitchen tools and accessories, also empowering them to create a business of their own.
• Wrapping it up with some amazing work going on for the expansion and beautification of our office. New wallpapers and designs for the interiors are really taking up shape and will soon be done with!
So what should we be doing in 2012? Cooking at home should be the new mantra. And that too going slow on the oils and fats, the butters and the cheeses! Let life begin anew with healthy eating habits that can become daily habits. These are a few suggestions:
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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