Indian cuisine can become No.1 cuisine of the world

The unending quest for easy Indian recipes just shows that the world is awakening to the goodness of Indian food. As this year of 2011 wraps up, we are more determined to work harder in promoting Indian recipes across the world.

It would be appropriate if we sit back now and analyse as to where India stands today in terms of its cuisine. It may seem to be a distant dream in today’s context but soon a new year begins, and it may or can become a reality. India may not earn the slot at the Olympics but it sure has a cuisine that is rich in its true sense. We have offered to the world a cuisine that has in a short span of time, caught the fancy of quite a large number of people with a spicy palate.
In last so many decades, the immigrants from India have successfully given a unique taste to the world—hot curries. Over a period of time this taste has been getting more and more popular worldwide. During this period the real and the actual taste of Hot Curry has gone through a metamorphosis. The tastes have been changed at times to suit the needs of the residents of those areas and on quite a few occasions because of lack of knowledge about the right taste. This ignorance on the part of the enterprising restaurateur has impeded the growth of Indian food to some extent as the consumer, i.e., the diner has at times been served with a taste that he or she is least expecting. Satisfaction has lots to do with expectation. Whenever we have served Indian food the way it is expected to be, we have succeeded.
Now the time has come when we have to exceed expectations of the diners. On a global platform, we have to evolve ways and means of cooking Indian food to the expectations of a wide variety and range of people. It has been well established that most people eat food that they can relate to or at least the tastes they are familiar with. By no means are we insinuating that we cook food or change food to suit the taste buds of people. With the given diversity of our land, we have been blessed with unique and totally different tastes and flavours. From Meerut to Madras, from Ahmedabad to Agartala we have an array of dishes that probably would send even the most discerning of palate on a journey that can be termed as nothing but delicious. People eat food that they can relate to; for fast growth of Indian food it is imperative that we first find out the needs of the people of each International food zone and export tastes similar to what they have grown with. This way we would not only encourage regional Indian cuisine but also at the same time find right pegs for right holes.
Gone are the days when one could impress everyone with Butter chicken or Vindaloo, now International diner expects in his home territory, a kind of taste that is completely Indian and suits his taste buds also. We are not using words as Authentic Indian Food because have yet to come across a large group of people or professionals agreeing to a common taste platform. Some traditional recipes for New Years Eve….Kesari BhaatKachori ChaatTandoori Chicken.

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