Indian food – let us do more

Easy Indian recipes are best followed from well written books. Indian cooking is wonderful and versatile and adapts fast to present day tastes. It can be kababs like Shikampuri Kabab, or something as flavourful as Narangi Pulav or a dessert like Gulab- e-Gulkand. These are made in a traditional manner but still live up to the standards of the modern palate that is looking for easy Indian recipes.

Time for a new year, so time for a change. Best would be to start cooking more at home. This is especially becoming important for the upwardly mobile crowd who prefers eating out. They eat out for various reasons like celebrating an occasion, or as a change for the housewife from her daily routine etc. They order dishes that are exotic not just in taste but also well presented. But then they also would like to replicate these at home some time or the other. This is where good cookery books will come in handy.
Looking at one book, Simply Indian, it caters to the health fads too. There are a number of recipes that can completely satisfy those who count their calories. Like for example Palak ShorbaLemon and Coriander SoupGajar aur Kishmish ka SaladPalak Chole, Missi Roti would rate high on the nutritional front. But ultimately while creating recipes the fundamental is ‘Taste is Paramount’. This book benefits anybody and everybody who loves food and love to entertain! You will find that the recipes in this book are such that would do your dinner table proud even in formal parties. Yet they are simple to make. These recipes can also be incorporated into daily menus thereby solving the housewife’s problem of “what to make for the next meal”. They are such that would satisfy the most fastidious of eaters.
It is well said that while cooking anything, along with the rest of the ingredients, a generous dollop of love is absolutely necessary. For that matter anything presented with love is not only enjoyed and appreciated but also reciprocated in equal measure. I also believe that all food is healthy…that is why the Almighty has created them for us. Everything is moderation is good and everything in excess can be unhealthy, this holds true even for easy Indian food.

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