Launching Lounge bar Sura Vie

Back from a business trip to US and UK in connection with my TV channel. Will settle down today, and tomorrow am shooting with the Master Chef team. Later in the week, will be travelling to Delhi for two purposes: launch of my first Lounge Bar Sura Vie and to shoot Part III of my series with CNN. Part I was done in Mumbai, Part II with Chef Rene at his Noma restaurant at Copenhagen. I intend to visit a farm before the shoot, pick up some fresh produce and cook at Sura Vie.
The weather is changing for the better, read cooler, in Mumbai. I did realize that the morning is pleasant when I landed. Well, it is not that winter is actually upon us, but definitely a pleasant change from last month’s heat. Some offices have already put up their Christmas trees as an early welcome to the festival. We are arranging a Cake Competition just before Christmas where all the chefs in my team are going to fight it out! Looking forward to some really creative cakes, some baked goodies with a difference!
December is also going to give you some chocolate stories that can be written in your kitchen and then presented to your loved ones – cakes, desserts, puddings and what not. All recipes are on Also relish some easy to do snacks that do not require much effort or time to prepare. Every body’s new favourite food, pasta, is also being brought you in all its variations this month, so look out!
As the week begins, try some nourishing and comforting recipes for a light dinner.
Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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