Indian sabzis: Best for main course

A tour of Indian Vegetarian Recipes will bring you the special sabzis (dry vgetable preparations) that are made in every region of India. Starting north, be in Amritsar this season and you will enjoy garden fresh cauliflower cooked tenderly with potatoes in what is called Aloo Gobhi. Try it with hot rotis slathered with ghee and a bowl of yogurt. Very very yummy!

In the search for Indian Vegetarian Recipes if you reach Ahmedabad in Gujarat you will get the green treasure of Undhiyo, that is resplendent with so many seasonal beans and seeds and baby brinjals, baby potatoes, raw bananas, loads of fenugreek and coriander greens and also tender green garlic.
As one keeps travelling and stays for a few days in south (though ‘south’ could mean any of the many states that make the Deccan) you will find different offerings from different cuisines of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala, all with their superb use of spices and vegetables. Chidabbaram Ambat made with ridgegourd from Tamil Nadu, Kaikari Ishtew with Appam in Kerala, greens as Soppina Palya in Karnataka are just a few to be mentioned!
When in Bengal try the Chorchori which is an amalgamation of all types of veggies, tempered with different oilseeds. It is a delightful use of all small bits of vegetables that remain in the fridge over the week!
Indian Vegetarian Recipes will also include all the restaurant style dishes that one can savour now. All you need is a good guide or cookbook that can help you create vegetarian marvels in your kitchen!

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