Christmas table – let it be full and vibrant

Christmas dinner recipes are yours to choose from as there is such an influx of new tasty food right now. Christmas dinner requires a menu that can be planned now, yes, even weeks in advance. A short while ago we did talk about how to make pulaos and biryanis a part of the menu, so here we can actually look at the side dishes, or the accompaniments that can brighten up the Christmas dinner table still some more!
Look at a variety of raitas, salads, dips and chutneys on Look at also what papads can be used for – cones to hold stuffings of your choice. This is an attractive piece to have on the table, edible too!
Move along to raitas that are now sometimes served as course binders in shot glasses! Yes, it works.
  • Tricolour Raita
  • Beetroot Raita
  • Besan Cheela Raita
  • Grapes and Walnut Raita
If there are a number of crisp starters, then chutneys cannot be far behind. Choose from these really winter special chutneys, that reflect warmth.
  • Aloobukhare ki Chutney
  • Apricot and Black Pepper Chutney
  • Bhune Tamatar ki Chutney
How about something substantial as well as nutritious? Talking about salads here. Try out salads with light dressings of olive oil lemon juice, garlic, spices. Heavy cream based dressings using mayonnaise taste great but increase the calories. Avoid buying readymade dressings even if you are tempted too. They can be high in hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup. Do not cut up the ingredients so they are so big that they need to be cut while eating the salad, and not so small that the juices and flavours are lost.
You could use some recipes that can be part of your Christmas dinner menu.

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