Check out the new look of !

Back in the groove and what better way than to do it but on a Monday! It feels good to be back in office and as expected, a string of meetings during the day. First things first, the new Sirf Tees Minute shoot began today while Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen is scheduled for the next week, starting November 21, 2011…
Then, there’s the FICCI FoodWorld 2011 that will be commencing from November 17, 2011 where I will be giving a presentation, on the same day, on “Creating new brands/categories – TV Channel FoodFood 360° Approach” – under the theme ‘The Evolving Consumer.’ Much excited about it!
As for today, my day will end with a discussion with the concerned people about the concept and script for the ‘Ad Shoot’ on November 18, 2011 for Zydus Wellness for their new “Sugarfree Natura Campaign.”
I am really glad that the new look and new content on the website is being appreciated. We are always open to your suggestions for what could be even better! The features that have been designed for you are in line with what’s in and browsing is highly friendly. I would not want it any other way. Check out Meal in 30 minutes and let me know if that is just the thing you have been looking out for! Solving the ‘menu’ problem is a great help to many households. We also have more informative articles on ingredients, kitchen care, festivals relevant to the month, therapeutic tips, chef’s secret tips, food and wine harmony and of course, the regular quizzes and contests go on with full force.
Another added feature which is new is the Hindi version. You can now read all the material in Hindi which was always in demand. I do hope you can write back with your feedback.
Till I write again, how about some food for enjoyment?

Sanjeev Kapoor

2 thoughts on “Check out the new look of !

  1. Rupal

    Hello Sanjeevji,
    My name is Rupal from Ahmedabad. I want your help in cooking different kind of food. I love cooking but the taste of each recipe is not like hotel recipe taste, so if possible PLEASE would you add me as your friend? PLEASE Sanjeevji I’m so hopeful from your side.

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