Christmas dinner recipes – Mains are the main!

Christmas Dinner Recipes will have to include main course suggestions for sure! As I have been observing, it is not impossible to have a totally vegetarian celebratory meal but fact remains that chicken or meat or fish does complete the meal for Christmas. You have to decide which protein you care for. My suggested recipes will bring to fore some specific ideas that could work according to your theme or idea for the get together or family meal.
Main Course for Christmas Dinner
These recipes are given in full detail on which now comes to you in a new avatar. As for the ideas for a vegetarian meal, there is no dearth of recipes. Decide which regional cuisine you would like to go for! Cooking with vegetables can be easy as well as challenging. It depends on how you look at the recipe. If it is a festive celebration, go for the more elaborate recipes so that your efforts are counted as really special.
Palak Bahar is colourful and appetizing. Shaam Savera is actually in Christmasy colours of red green and white! Or dish up a Baked Spinach and Potato Delight with uses cheese and white sauce and is a great hit with kids.
All said and done, even as you browse now and think about what to cook for Christmas, it will be rather difficult to nail down any recipe for surety because there are so many choices lying ahead for you as we help you plan a Christmas dinner!

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