Off to Denmark and US

The early part of November will go in Copenhagen and US. Reaching Copenhagen by Nov 2 to shoot for the second part of the series with CNN. I finished the first part on Saturday. And the third part is expected to be shot in Delhi later in the month.
Will be cooking and shooting with Chef Rene Redzepi of Noma restaurant in central Copenhagen. Noma is a two Michelin star restaurant known for its reinvention and interpretation of Nordic cuisine. Looking forward to this little adventure immensely as I will be learning a whole lot of new things! Chef Rene has earlier worked with The French Laundry and El Bulli. He is known to serve soul food cooked with local fresh produce. After this, I am off to Houston and San Francisco for live shows on Nov 5 and 6 to promote my food business. Spending a day post this in New York and then flying back home.
Many of you have enquired about what to cook for Christmas and New Year! Yes, your search for new recipes should begin now as any festival is the perfect occasion to serve novel foods. I have been writing about Christmas treats last month and now it is down to the brass tacks, as they say! Yes, the fruits should be soaked in rum now for the cakes and puddings. I will get to see the festive preparations for Christmas when I travel to Denmark and US and will definitely get back for you the newest fare.
I will soon have for you all the recipes that were contributed to the Innovation Station Competition. Maybe they could give you some ideas for the coming season. Right now, let us focus on some recipes that can balance out the meals at home after all the festive Diwali treats. So how about going light and low cal?

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor.

4 thoughts on “Off to Denmark and US

  1. Chef Ranjan Dey

    Fans of Sanjeev Kapoor living near San Francisco, California will appreciate this exclusive opportunity to meet chef Sanjeev Kapoor on Nov 6. This gourmet, Indian food, charity fundraiser supports Compassionate Chef Cafe's efforts to uplift the lives of children both in San Francisco and India's Gandhi Ashram. You can meet Chef Kapoor at either the Champagne Brunch or the 10-Course Wine Dinner. For more info about this event, please see:

  2. Veens

    Hello Chef! Would love to know when this will be telecasted and on which channel?It is so good to see you spreading Indian flavors in Western countries 🙂

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