Diwali Dhamaka

If Diwali is around the corner, can food and fun be far behind! My team is excited about the challenge thrown to them…create an innovative Indian dish in under 2 hours! This is on coming Tuesday. Will also be having a havan on next Monday. Long time since we have had one in the office and so it will be a good thing. Then some break from work for everyone!
Last week, spent some time in Aurangabad giving a demonstration of recipes at the MGM Institute of Hotel Management. Yes, my new offering was a hare choliye ki pani puri!
So what is cooking this Diwali! Tell you, there is hope in the air as even the rising prices have not been able to dampen the festive spirit. The markets are aglow with sale of diyas and electric lahrees, the saree shops seem to be always packed (!) and soon we will see the same rush in mithai shops….
Wherever you turn, you witness some innovation in the food offered to you. The palate is growing at such a fast pace that restaurateurs are on their toes! People want new foods, new tastes and textures and I really think this is time that food is shining in India. But let us not forget the traditional greats. If we do not make them at home, how will our children learn about them and continue cooking them for the future generation? I urge you to write down all your grandma’s recipes, your mother’s recipes, your mother in law’s recipes, your elder sister’s recipes, your aunties’ recipes….whatever you can get hold of…because soon we will be floundering under so many fusions and innovations that our great cultural heritage will be ignored. I do take documentation quite seriously and hence so many books. Have you seen the latest book Cooking with Love which carries food cooked by my mother and mother in law? It is a cherished treasure for me.
So, as the mood goes, let us look at the good old home made Diwali treats. Go for them!

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor.

5 thoughts on “Diwali Dhamaka

  1. ishwen

    i liked these words of yours. they are very much true and touching, as leaving in United States we all miss back home Diwali,our family and friends.i can not write more…….."soon we will be floundering under so many fusions and innovations that our great cultural heritage will be ignored".

  2. A'muse'me

    Your recipes are definitely the closest to the real thing. I don't know about India but all of us Indians living abroad search hell and heaven for original recipes of the real Indian food. I do look for ways to make Indian tasting food from the stuff available here but nothing beats the taste of traditional Indian food. From what I have seen, the maximum hits on youtube on anyof your recipe videos is from us Indians living abroad.

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