Goan food: a refreshing change for the palate

Alyona and I do love to have some delicious Goan food once in a while and what better place to go than Goa Portuguesa owned by our friends Dr. Suhas Awchat and Deepa Awchat. Their first place opened long, long ago in Matunga (W) and now, more convenient for us is the new joint near RTO, Four Bungalows, Andheri (W).
We have been enjoying Goan food here in Mumbai for many years now – from the time the Awchats opened their first place. The Awchats have always claimed that it is a myth that Goan food is synonymous with seafood. They have researched well and can dish up to two hundred vegetarian dishes! What do I enjoy? Chicken Caldoverde and Creamy Soup with Spinach and Chicken with Garlic Bread. Local Mumbai Pav with generous portion of garlic and butter. Grilled Tiger Prawns, the prawns are so very fresh. I am told, Deepa takes personal interest in the purchase of fresh produce. With the Pomfret Recheiado in all its glory of red Goan masala on the fiery side, we also like the Chicken Xacuti with its exotic Goan spices in coconut gravy. For veggies, the Tender Coconut Cashew Sukke replete with juliennes of tender coconut and cashewnut cooked with onions, tomatoes and Goan sauce is worth writing home about. I have fallen in love with this dish so much that in my home it is cooked very often now. Simply divine. And, yes the Solkadhi – it is good!
As the taste buds begin to tingle, I will share some of these recipes here…
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

4 thoughts on “Goan food: a refreshing change for the palate

  1. Atreyee.G.H.

    Dear Chef, I have actually been there once while i was there for a short business trip. A Goan Friend took us there, and i have to admit, i haven't had such awesome appams and Goan Fish curry in ages after that. I do remember having Mutton Sukka there which i fell in love with . My taste bud suggested me a few spices that were used but i have still not been able to fathom how to get the same taste. Can you help me with that?

  2. Madhura Tatkar

    Yes, Solkadhi is really refreshing…! Rice Solkadhi and fry-fish…its a lovely combination.Nowadays with the ready 'coconut milk in tetra pack' and 'aagal-sugarless coconut syrup', solkadhi can be made within 2-3 min….!

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