A month of trips and trips ahead…

The Ganesh Utsav week just passed by, and it saw the launch of the MahaChallenge on FoodFood. By Ganesha’s grace I wrapped up a hectic Sanjeev Kapoor Kitchen’s shoot on Friday, a day before the scheduled date! It was fun doing the shooting rounds with various Delmonte products this time. Keep a check on the website for the recipes. Back to back Turban Tadka shoots also got over on Saturday…I would rather say all’s well that end’s well!
Then this month will have me making some business trips to various places. To begin with, it is Korea. Back home, work for the launch of my new website will be in progress at an accelerated pace as also the renovations, which, most of you would identify with, seem to take forever to finish! Diwali is the goal so I hope to have the whole office furbished and happening by then!
Diwali. I have already been queries about what to make this Diwali! I would vouch for the traditional sweets anyday, but given the demand for new foods never dies, I will give you more food for thought! Check out these lovely zara hat ke desserts that will enthrall your family during the festive days.
Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

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