Easy Indian Recipes – a treasure trove

Those who wish to cook Indian food will be pleased to know that there are thousands of easy Indian recipes that are a breeze to cook. In fact, the only dexterity required is to read the recipe and get hold of all the ingredients. It is not difficult putting the dish together once your preparation is complete. For the novice cook, the simplest of the Indian bread called the roti would be masterful thing to make. But for a novice cook, kneading the dough just right is a new frontier to cross. So let us look at some rice recipes that come together in the pot with vegetables and spices to make soft khichdis. Moong Dal Khichdi, Bajra Khichdi, Gujarati Khichdi, Hari Bhari Khichdi are some of the ideas that you could use. If you prefer to use the microwave for cooking, ensure that the bowl is large enough to take the bubbling of the water used for cooking the rice and dals.
One more suggestion for your collection of easy Indian recipes is raita. To get the raita perfect, first let us set the curd to the correct firmness and sweetness at home. To make this heat 5 cups of full cream whole milk, bring it to boil and reduce to around four cups. Remove from heat and cool it till it comes to a temperature of 45° C. Add one tablespoon of thick yogurt as starter and mix evenly with a spoon or churner/whisker. Transfer the mixture into an earthenware pot and allow to set in a warm place (at 43°C) for four hours (in summer, otherwise may take longer). In winter or in places at higher altitudes one can always wrap the pot in which you are setting the yogurt in a blanket or a similar warm wrapping. Always remove a small quantity aside for setting the yogurt for the following day before you consume the rest. Refrigerate once set. So when you have such lovely yogurt in your refrigerator lets get going with the relishes. Try out Lauki ka Raita, Beetroot Raita, Phalon Ka Raita, Boondi ka Raita.
Next time round we will look at cooling traditional beverages such as lassi, tangy chutneys that do not require any cooking and halwas. The last is the quickest way to present a genuine Indian dessert that is comfort food for many. Then we will progress to breads and dals, other desserts, rice dishes called biryanis and pulaos and then the simplest of the snacks. So who wants to file a collection of easy Indian recipes is at the right place!

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