Japan tour awaits…

Began with SK’s Teen Patti shoot, yesterday, at Filmistan to go on for the entire coming week before I pack my bags and leave for the Japan Familiarization Tour on June 26, 2011. Must say, the Saturday went hectic at the office with meetings and selecting recipes for the shoot. By the time I wrapped up, it was time for me to travel to South Mumbai for the inauguration of the Sleek Kitchen Showroom at Fort, followed by dinner at Indigo Restaurant at Colaba, with Alyona, my team and family of Sleek directors. A good dinner sure relaxes one’s body and prepares it for a sound sleep, after a busy and occupied day!
After the tight schedule of Saturday, I made sure that I get rest before the new week began again! Thus, Sunday went lazying at home with family, watching a couple of movies like ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ and ‘Hitman’, chilling out and ending the day with a great dinner!
Monday had me and my better half, Alyona, attending a friend’s son’s thread ceremony before the shoot. Not much to reveal about my Japan trip, but a little something – this trip is an initiative by Infinity Creations as an activity of the Japan-India Travel and Tourism, where I will get the chance to be familiar with the Japanese food and culture, and try and contribute for a noble cause, especially when its just after the natural calamity that took place. Looking forward for this trip, hoping that it turns out to be as knowledgeable as it can possibly get!
And while I juggle between the shoots and get ready for the tour, here are some oriental recipes you all might just want to try out…

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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