Healthy low fat recipes – many options

Most adults do end up consuming around a hundred grams of fat every day! Wow, that is a bit too much. No wonder then obesity has been declared as an epidemic. We need to adopt healthy low fat recipes in order to lose weight and keep the fat off. According to experts, we need to be consuming no more than sixty grams of fat daily and this has different schools of thought (more about this later).
There are several ways to cut the fat from our diets. The first step that we can take is to eliminate the following fats and oils completely: butter, palm oil, chicken fat, lard, vegetable shortening and cottonseed oil. All seven of these have incredibly high percentages of saturated fat, which is linked to higher cholesterol levels and a greater risk of heart disease.
To cut down fat in daily cooking, the first step is to get good in ‘no oil’ cooking. Once in a while indulging in butter on toast seems so worthwhile then! It need not be that all the meals through the week be made without oil. At least aim to have three to four meals out of the twenty one in a week, with no oil. It will take a while to become accustomed to eating without butter or oil, but once committed to eating a healthier, low-fat diet, it becomes much easier to cut certain things. No oil cooking is possible. Try recipes like Garlic Rasam, Tamatar ki Kadhi with brown rice.
The next step is to decrease the amount of obvious fats that you eat such as cheese, pastries, full fat dairy foods and meats. In the cases of many of these foods, there are low fat substitutes that are available. Many of us have spent years looking at food labels to determine the number of calories in them. Now, it’s time to start reading the amount of fat grams in a food.
We also need to look at how we prepare our foods. In order to maintain our low-fat nutrition plan, we need to eliminate cooking with butter and frying our foods. Using olive oil is a good substitute as it is low in saturated fat and high in the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Use it sparingly, however. Looking now for healthy low fat recipes? Try Corn Bhel, Rice Panki for starters.

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