Off to Singapore!

Just as I’m about to board the flight to Singapore, I thought I’ll just log onto the world wide web and give the readers an insight of what’s about to come! So, here I am, in the Heathrow Airport blogging about my trip and other events. Will be reaching Singapore tomorrow, to be with family for three days, before I return back to India. Family time is always great and relaxing amidst the hectic schedules!
Besides this, while I’m away, there’s going to be some fun and masti in office tomorrow, with a total alive and kicking Box Cricket session. We definitely believe in mixing work with pleasure which gives the motivation to excel in whatever we do! More on the FoodFood Maha Challenge front, I’m looking forward to the road show with the food fanatics of Kolkata, which is scheduled at the Forum Mall at Elgin Road on June 6, 2011. Will be cooking up Fresh Dough Pizza, Prawn Balchao Golgappa and Mango Stewed Srikhand for the crowd there…
Then, there’s something to read on and watch from some of the events that have been happening in London during my stay over here….Check out the links:
And amongst all this, the heat is just scorching day by day. So, check out some of these foodstuffs and chill yourself in this hot summer.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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