Top 5 Indian Veg dishes – all about making vegetarian cooking fun!

When it comes to roots and tubers, the mind instantly goes to the potato! But on the whole, when roots and tubers are discussed, their role is seemingly similar to the greens in providing roughage to the diet. But one thing is surely different in this category: the most tolerated of all vegetables – the afore mentioned humble potato. It is starchy and unhealthy only if you fry it! So let’s veer away from chips and fries and look at some home recipes like Jeera Aloo, Aloo Matar, etc. All in all, potatoes in most homes are a necessary evil!

One undermined tuber is the carrot. They are exceptional for they have large amounts of vitamin A in the form of carotene. The star player in many a mixed salad, carrots should certainly not be given impartial treatment. Being rich in sugar content, carrots joins hands with beetroot and onions on this account. The tart flavour of radish and turnip sees their name in the list of selectives. But when it comes to cooked food, recipes like Palak aur Gajar Pulao is a perfect choice.

If there is one vegetable that invites feelings of extreme, that is peas! Either you love them or you don’t! These can be compared with the greens only as far as the content of vitamins and minerals salts is concerned. What broad beans and peas have in more quantities than most of the other vegetables is sugar and second class protein. There is a lot what one can do with peas – make Khoya Matar, Matar Mushroom

Next we will look at dals and how they make Indian food so healthy.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Indian Veg dishes – all about making vegetarian cooking fun!

  1. anusha

    thank you so much for all these yummy n easy recipes .. 🙂 i hv learnt so many things to prepare with out mom's help… n she ll b so happy seeing at yummy n new dish.. thank you so much sir… 🙂 thnks a lot 🙂 u reeli help us to spread smile.. 🙂

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