Latest diet rules for us

All those who read must have come across the latest findings on the new diet rules for Asian Indians splashed in the national dailies today.

High time we got to read all the data, because what is measured then gets corrected! I am not sure how many of us are keen about following the suggested recommendations, but it pays in the long run to take some pointers from these studies. It is better to be careful about our diets so that we can live for longer with less disease.

First thing that strikes is that, Indians are recommended to stay off saturated fats – because the urban and semi-urban person is becoming more and more sedentary. That is why the expanding waistlines. Next, is to include complex carbohydrates like cereals and pulses in the daily diet. Also, fibre needs to be taken seriously and made a part of the diet. That means including more fruits (with peel!) and vegetables. Protein too has to come up so look at soya, whole grains and milk. Lastly, and the most important, salt intake is to come down.

All the lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart diseases have precipitated in the last decade. So if you were thirty then and now looking at the forties with some fear, take heart because if we pick ourselves now, the fifties will be fighting fit!

I have been a staunch supporter of homemade food. My recipes are brought across to you in such a way that even a novice cook gets the confidence of ‘I can cook’. Have one healthy homemade meal a day for your heart’s sake…and then increase the number to two and then three.

For some starters, here are some vegetables cooked the traditional way…

Aloo ka Bharta

Bhare Baghare Tamatar

Lauki Manpasand

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor

5 thoughts on “Latest diet rules for us

  1. Sonia

    Thank you so much for sharing healthy diet tips with us. All the three dishes are looking absolutely delightful. Have a great day….Sonia !!!

  2. Ayesha Siddiqui

    Hello Sir,i am interested in pursuing diploma in bakery & confectionery, can you tell me the best institutes offering this course in India & abroad.Earnestly require your guidance and assistance. thnx a ton in anticipation,Take care . regards

  3. Mou

    tanx sir…we would love to have more recipes on low cal…healthy food…as i ve been on a diet yet want to quench my thirst for tasty food….it would be of a gr8 help if u countinue….

  4. Shivani

    Hey Sanjeev, the diet tips are great…Thanks a ton and please do keep posting more.I really would like to get back in shape so if u could suggest me a diet routine please. You can be the best person to count on…!

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