The fact about simplicity

US based well known cookbook author Monica Bhide who was instrumental in getting my book HOW TO COOK INDIAN going has a very interesting blog:
She is contending for the 2011 best blog award and sends the link:
I have of course given my comment: “Monica, this is bang on. According to me every thing great in this world is just pure and simple. And it is not restricted only to food; be it music, be it art, be it writing, be it life, simpler the better. For trained professionals it is often hard to unlearn complexities and see dishes from a simple perspective. When I started teaching recipes and cooking through my television show, Khana Khazana, I was often lambasted and criticized by my fellow chefs for showing very simple dishes on TV. Today with the longest running food show in this part of the world, my stand is vindicated. I think you have been able to present simplicity in your food and recipes with such ease, comfort and elan that would make chefs with complex recipes go green (with envy)! Thank God you have not spent years learning complex dishes!”
Now getting ready for the Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen shooting that will go on for more than a week. My choices are simple and if at all the recipe reads a little complex, when you see it on the programme, it will look simple!
A taste of my latest favourites :

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor

4 thoughts on “The fact about simplicity

  1. Alka

    I truly believe in the 'simple and best' approach when it comes to life, cooking or anything else that matters…a complex recipe, exotic ingredients list and very technical procedure,just makes me move away from it…Nice article by Monica BTW !

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