Aloo Parantha – epitome of Punjabi home cooking

If there is something a hard working person desires at the end of the day, it would be having his or her favourite food, that too piping hot, at home! The thing is that the burden of cooking bears many of us down. The time might be there but the inclination is not there, hence the meal is sketchy and what one had wished to eat, like the favourite food we spoke about earlier, remains a wish unfulfilled. And then there are cases where the inclination is there to cook but time constraint is a major factor. Hence, a quick bite on the move is what an evening meal would look like. Not only do we end up spending money where it can be saved but we also end up giving our bodies insufficient nutrition.

This is where stuffed paranthas come in handy. Punjabis love Aloo Paranthas for breakfast but the same dish can be converted into a proper meal with a salad on the side and freshly made raita like Boondi Raita alongside. A busy cook needs to ensure some kneaded dough in the fridge, and some boiled potatoes. Actual cooking of the paranthas takes less than 30 minutes.

There is every reason to eat well and eat well at home. With a little bit of planning, the kitchen shelves can be well stacked with foods for the week and if you can get organized. Even the week’s menu can be put up so that the mind and hands start working the moment you get home. As the menu is planned, there is bound to be variety and best distribution of nutrition throughout the week. Plan, so that your daily intake is optimum and best ingested by the body. For every single day plan at least one meal that has essential carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The meal should have a cereal, pulse or poultry, some vegetables and maybe a light fruity dessert. This keeps the energy levels at even keel. To have a variety of dishes try a pulao made with healthy brown rice: Hara Masala Brown Rice Pulao.

When you cook at home, freshness is assured and that is what good quality food is made of.


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