Indian low fat recipes – no more a challenge!

Life is more fun and interesting if there is a challenge before you. Cooking Indian recipes with less fat used to be a challenge, a decade ago but with the growing health awareness, more and more people have access to adapted recipes and non stick cookware. It is not healthy to have food without any fat. It has to have some sort of natural ingredients that have fat: in that sense Indian cooking uses oily seeds like mustard and cumin, sesame and onion seeds, etc. We can also add nuts for added benefit.

Oil free food is a challenge to the present because it has to look great and taste good. And gone are the morose days when oil free meant boiled steamed food with a dash of salt and pepper. It does not mean khichdi and dahi any more. Mealtimes are eminently more fulfilling if there is some access to recipes that you can enjoy along with the family given the fact that the food has to be oil free.

A lot has been said and written about low oil or no oil diet but how well has the subject been understood is the mute question. Modern life brings with it loads of stress, tension and related health problems. The progress in science has introduced various gadgets and means to relieve the physical strain but then that very relief has given rise to ailments because though we have adjusted to the modern way of life we have not really been able to adjust our diet accordingly.

Oil has always been an important constituent of most cuisines around the world, for it not only adds taste, but also imparts its own flavour to a certain extent. Like for example, coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, etc. But along with the flavour, comes the high fat content and the dense calories which are restricted for some of us for medical reasons. Indian low fat recipes or oil free recipes are mere suggestions to bring change into the daily diet and by all means, use them whenever the need is, try out no oil cooking. Fish in Banana Leaves is an all time favourite.

Each active person is allowed 15 grams of visible fat a day. But the thing is that we end up having a lot more than the allowed quantity because most of us are unaware that all foods contain some percentage of fat. Be it wheat, pulses, vegetables, fruits, skimmed milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cloves, cinnamon, sesame seeds and even the miniscule single mustard seed! So if we do eat a variety of foods each day formatted in a variety of menus, balancing the carbohydrate and protein intake, all invisible fat included in this way is just perfect for a healthful diet. The point here is that no oil doesn’t mean that the food is totally free of lipid content. Try Makai Palak with hot rotis for lunch.

So just tie up your aprons and armed with non-stick cookware, try out dishes that will not only help you live healthfully but will also win hearts along the way. One good soup/accompaniment we suggest is Tamatar ki Kadhi.


One thought on “Indian low fat recipes – no more a challenge!

  1. Wow.. this is what is needed .. thanks to you sir.. eventhough we are calorie causious.. we end up having more than what is required and more over we dont burn it out.. all ur dishes..(low fat, no oil)has indeed helped us to stay fit.. frankly it has enlightened us on the real facts and know that we are not consuming inexcess than what we are supposed to.. its really great to watch u on tv and hear u or even read on ur site .. u just make cooking so simple and enjoyable.. am a great fan of ursthanks againanitha

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