Follow a nutritive balanced diet for effective weight loss

Why is it that many people complain that their weight loss diet does not seem to work? In other words they are complaining that inspite of eating a nutritive balanced diet, eating carefully and eating less than usual, they are not finding any success with weight loss. This requires some looking into and the conclusions are as simple as finding out if the so-called diet is backed by the mandatory support system called exercise! When you prepare food at home, ensure that you have access to salad recipes. Try Slimmer’s Salad in No Oil Dressing.

Some more tips of effective weight loss follow:

· Very few people are successful in losing weight and keeping it off without exercising almost every day. If you are eating sensibly and with alertness and not exercising anywhere near enough you could be losing your battle with the bulge. Remember, one can decrease the calorie intake only so much. The only way out is to increase the expenditure of calories by exercising. And if you are very serious about weight loss you would exercise every single day for at least thirty minutes a day. Everyday.

· Weight training is critical to maintaining your muscle mass and tone. If you are not weight training while trying to lose weight, you will lose muscle mass and tone and could be sporting a body that is not taut and fit. Secondly, your basal metabolic rate will decrease causing you to burn fewer calories twenty hours a day.

· Carbohydrates could be the reason why you are not losing as much weight as you would like to. White rice, white flour products, non wheat pastas, soft drinks, sweet drinks and hundreds of foods available have a deceptive amount of sugar as sucrose, corn syrup, etc. It could be that you are consuming too much sugar or simple and refined carbohydrates listed above. Try Hara Masala Brown Rice Pulao to introduce brown rice onto your table.

· You would not know it but in all probability if you think you are not losing weight inspite of your efforts, you could probably be consuming five hundred to six hundred calories more per day than you think you are! This is a simple mistake as one underestimates the number of calories one consumes on a daily basis. The best way to keep track and be sure is to write down everything you eat for a few weeks.

· Write it down on a stone: that losing weight will be a slow process. Do not crave for instant results. So don’t give up or go on a crazy diet. None of these work. Only perseverance and consistent efforts with a positive attitude will get results.

· You might be consuming far too few fruits and vegetables. Maybe you would like to make Fruit Kebabs.

· You could also be consuming more fat than you think you are. Limiting fat intake to twenty to thirty grams per day is very important if you want to lose weight.

· Just check, you might just be skipping meals! If you think it helps in lessening the calorie count, you are wrong. In fact, skipping a meal can mean slowing down your metabolism causing you to burn fewer calories twenty four hours a day.

· Do not overfill your stomach. Stop just before you have that full feeling.

Losing weight is hard. Arranging and planning a nutritive balanced diet also requires efforts. But do it, follow these generalized tips and ensure a newer you!


5 thoughts on “Follow a nutritive balanced diet for effective weight loss

  1. you hit the nail with the Carb consumption point. It is an addiction & most people don't even realise it. & acceptance of this fact goes a long way in weight control

  2. Totally agree Sanjeevji. Exercise is a key factor for weight loss other than the nutritive balance diet that you mentioned. 🙂 Keep writing such articles.

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