Looking for nutrition? Balanced diet?

Here are some tips for adopting a healthy way of living. It involves having a positive and holistic approach and attitude towards food. Modest adjustments in diet will go a long way in reducing or even preventing the risk of developing some of the most common killer diseases of modern times.
To live a healthy life one has to take into account not just the food we eat but also our lifestyle in general. Eating healthy foods is fun. It is not difficult to cook and choose foods that would keep your family as healthy as possible and healthy meals can taste delicious. All you need is a little time to think about the food you and your family eat and to think positively about food and health. So if you decide that your family’s diet could do with some improvement, the changes have to be worked out and implemented now.
Any change needs some time and effort. The best present you can give your children is the appreciation of healthy food. This could be done not by talking about it, but by setting an example in every day eating and life style. This way they will not think of changing their habits later in life and will have the benefit of good foods all their lives.
1. Eat variety of foods in adequate amount
Like fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, milk & milk products, flesh foods, eggs, fish, poultry, pulses and legumes. Try a recipe like Salad Greens with Strawberry Vinaigrette.
2. Maintain desirable weight
Being overweight increases the chances of developing some chronic diseases like diabetes and heart ailments and certain types of cancer. Obesity is also associated with high blood pressure, increased level of triglyceride and cholesterol. That is why it is important to try to maintain a desirable weight.
3. Avoid too much fat, saturated fat and cholesterol
Use skimmed or low fat milk and milk products, decrease use of egg yolks and organ meats, choose lean meat, fish and poultry, trim fat off meats and bake, broil or boil rather than fry. Try a breakfast of Egg White Omelette. Fish is rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which have many health benefits. These fatty acids are capable of reducing triglycerides cholesterol and platelet aggregation, all of which lower the incidence of atherosclerosis. Consumption of 100-200 gms twice a week may reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases.
4. Eat foods with adequate fibers
Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, all fruits and vegetables that can be eaten with skin, should be eaten with skin like carrot, cucumber, apple, chickoo etc., whole grains and their products and sprouts and pulses.
5. Avoid too much sugar
White sugar, jaggery, honey, syrups, soft drinks, candies, chocolates, cakes and cookies, how often you eat sugar and sugar containing food is as important to the health of your teeth as how much sugar you eat, avoid eating sweets between meals and select fresh fruits or fruits processed without syrups. A dessert like Chilled Melon Ball Salad will delight you.
6. Avoid too much sodium
Learn to enjoy the flavours of unsalted foods, cook with only small amount of salt, try flavouring foods with herbs, spices, lemon juice, tomatoes, tamarind juice and curds, avoid adding salt to food at the table, avoid salty foods such as chips and other fried foods, limit the use of processed and preserved foods like pickles, sauces, cheese, papads, and alike which have a high sodium content as preservation.
7. Limit the intake of beverages
Alcoholic drinks – they are high in calories and low in nutrients. Overall the metabolities (end products) produced by alcohol are harmful especially to the liver in the body. Soft drinks – they supply only ‘empty calories’ and no other nutrient. Diet colas are low in calories but very high in sodium.
8. Eat in limited quantity
Overeating is not all to be considered healthy. Eating heavy at one time and then skipping next meals, may lead to unbalance in the body as one time body system have been overloaded and then it is just left without any nutrients. It is just like doing overtime at work place for many hours and then just sleep for long time. This will lead to illness to any individual.
So whenever you are at the crossroads of nutrition and balanced diet, think about eating a variety of different foods. It is indeed very healthy because each food has its strong points. This way one can get the benefit of almost all the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy body besides making meal times more interesting and enjoyable.

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