Everyone loves to holiday!

Who would not want to go for a holiday? Family holidays are an intrinsic part of my life and we love it when the summer break comes and we take off for some exciting destination. I am attending the launch of the Kuoni Hoilday Report 2011 at Taj President this afternoon. It will be over only in the evening. But I could tell you that eating and drinking is an intrinsic part of any good holiday. Food in India is synonymous with luxury and leisure. This report will be sharing distinct and unique behaviour about Indians relating themselves to food during their holiday. Enjoying and experimenting with a variety of delicacies is the most noticed attitude of the Indian traveller.
I am sure food, leisure and luxury holidays are going to go places in India in the near future.
And as I get back from the holiday mode, I’ve to gear up for a shoot planned for tomorrow for an all new series of Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen. FoodFood is really keeping all of us, including Alyona and me, on our toes!
Adding more to the FoodFood front is a new reality show titled ‘Maha Challenge’, the registrations for which will be held pan India. I will be travelling to Ahmedabad for the first registrations which are scheduled on March 2, 2011. The registrations will be conducted in the form of road shows, where the contestants will have to register themselves on the same day. The show will feature a challenge between girls and boys, where the teams will be lead by Ms. Madhuri Dixit Nene and me, respectively. All in all, there will be a lot of travelling happening in the coming months.
Looking forward to these fun-filled and adventurous, but hectic trips!
Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor

3 thoughts on “Everyone loves to holiday!

  1. WE have only cable TV because the society people like it. Our cable TV wallah says Sanjeev kapoor's channel is not on the composite list(bouquet). So we can not see. Can you do something.

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