My kitchen is busy!

My weekend was brief but had a lovely dinner with Alyona on Saturday night at the launch of good friend Jiggs Kalra’s Punjab Grill in my neighborhood.
Shooting for three days for Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen food shows for my channel FoodFood….a break of one day and then we shoot for something we have brainstormed and put up: a new concept which will cater fun menus for different meals! As it is the most common question that one has in mind is ‘what should we cook today?’ but once it is decided then the actual cooking does not take time at all! So my new show will not only solve the issues of what to make but also guide you on How to make all the delicious foods!
As I am a little pressed for time, I will pen off now but not before sharing a few of favourites for this week : brinjals are in season, shiny and vibrant, cauliflower is at its best, snowy white and buttery, and also let’s celebrate the fact that onion prices are reasonably down!
Get the kadais and knives and let’s make your kitchen busy too!

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

4 thoughts on “My kitchen is busy!

  1. Bittu

    sir i am going to a hotel mngmnt course. I am h.s pass student. you are the icon of my life. i am following you and want to be a famous chef. i prepare many new dish at my home. sir pls pls pls help me. you are my god sir.

  2. Farha

    love the way u describe boring vegetables…with finesse' . Anyone will have his mouth watering.I was fed up of my regular cooking work…i'll now get my kadais and knives and make my kitchen busy too!

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