Healthy balanced diet: be alert about your body weight

There are many notions regarding body weight and its control and somehow there is never enough information to satisfy weight watchers. A few interesting contributions to the facts file of weight control follow:
One in every four persons believes that eating breakfast is not such a good idea simply because breakfast opens up the gates of appetite and then one feels hungry all day long. The fact is that if breakfast is not composed of complex and simple carbohydrates, some protein and a little fat it is not a filling meal. The choice of wrong foods leads to faster digestion hence hunger. Breakfast is a must source of energy needed to get through the morning. Try recipes like Hot and Sour Idlis.
Vegetarians generally have a view that being non-meat eaters they have the healthiest option in diet. It is not so. Certain foods like cheese and nuts favoured by vegetarians are very high in fat and cholesterol. Also the strict vegans who choose not to consume dairy products need to be careful about appropriate intake of nutrients. Vegetarianism, speaking strictly, is not the healthiest diet, but with sensible planning can be a very healthy diet.
And then there are those who starve for a few days to drop kilos quickly! What happens is that it is mainly loss of water and muscle. When one does not eat with a view to fasting leading to cleansing of the body the reverse is happening as unwanted body chemicals like ketones build up in the time the body does not have nourishment. The kidneys feel the strain and the general health suffers.
We often reach out for food that claims to be fat free thinking that one could skimp on calories. Fat free foods generally will have some other ingredients like sugar to replace the taste and texture of fat. Consequently, fat free does not really satisfy the taste buds or provide the essential vitamins that protect vital organs.
A small but important point in conclusion: Learn to identify hunger cues and try not to be tempted by larger portions. Overeating is detrimental to health and healthy eating comes from conscious effort to know your body’s requirement.

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