Always good to keep learning

Last week was in Bangalore on Thursday for a show at The Kitchen Yatra. The range of modular kitchens now available for us is really mind-boggling!
On Friday, we all took some time off from the rush of shootings to watch an enchanting demonstration of the unique food processor called Thermomix. The presenter was a very enthusiastic Ms Lynette MacDonald from Australia and we could see that she loves what she does….creating magic in the kitchen showing the prowess of the smart little Thermomix. Lynette was kind enough to teach us how to make dessert with frozen strawberries, pineapple sorbet, coleslaw salad, sweet custard, fresh bread dough, soups as well as preparation of our very own Indian masala mixes. My whole team thoroughly enjoyed Lynette’s demonstration as it was peppered with little jokes.
What we saw was this machine Thermomix that weighs, cooks, chops, steams, kneads, simmers in a compact way. Frankly speaking, the gadget lover in me was totally floored!
Monday comes with its long list of things to do and shows to make! From tomorrow a shooting schedule for Khana Khazana starts and I am spending time in preparing my recipes for it.
February is packed with lovely things on! You can stock up on soup recipes and dish out great recipes using carrots….there is more, just wait! The new book The Wedding Collection is bringing in excellent feedback for its concept and a niche market. Have you got your copy yet?
Till I write again try out my favourites for the month…

Sanjeev Kapoor.

6 thoughts on “Always good to keep learning

  1. Ashmi

    Hi Sanjeev,I am your fan from Australia & had not heard of the 'Thermomix' until I read your post. Looks impressive so I will research it and check it out. Thanks for introducing this gadget.Ashmi

  2. Balraj

    I have been using a SUMEET ASIA KITCHEN MACHINE and been pretty happy with it, exept now I cannot get parts and repair.Can you reccomend a macine with with I can grind spices, garam masalla etc in large batches?

  3. Asha

    Sanjeevji,I don't miss yr programmes from even here in Libya!Think you've done a wonderful thing in starting a food channel. Here my favourite channel is the Arab cookery channel FATAFEAT.Hope your channel show can be as good or even better than Fatafeat. Do take some tips from it!

  4. thermomix

    You should try the Thermomix it will plough through your spices and masala, it will also cook, steam, weight, grind, chop, mix, make ice cream and sorbet, bread etc.Christine SharmaThermomix In Indiatel: +91 9871897524

  5. meeta

    Hello sanjeevji..i like your food show on food food channel and impressed with appliances u used there. i would like to know which mixure grinder u used in your show (i.e. coming with too many lil jars, i saw it many times in ur show but not found in stores) , i m planning to buy one.

  6. abha

    Sanjeev,I'm another fan of your culinary skills.I'm an ardent baker, In fact baking is a stress-buster for me.I need your sincere guidance as to which appliance i should buy KITCHENAID OR THERMOMIX.Since lot of money is involved in both i want you to help me make the choice.Abha

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