FOODFOOD, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Food Channel ready for launch

Mumbai Jan 18: India’s celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor is all set to launch his much awaited 24 X 7 food channel named FOODFOOD. He is addressing a Press Conference today at Totes, Mahalaxmi Race Course from 12 noon onwards.

Celebrity filmstar Ms Madhuri Dixit, is Brand Ambassador for Lifestyle Aspects and Sanjeev Kapoor is Brand Ambassador for Food Aspects. Present at the launch, Ms Dixit was all smiles and very enthusiatic about the new channel.

Food Programmes to look out for: Ready Steady Cook hosted by Roshni Chopra, Hum Sai Hai Muqabla, Firangi Dhaba, Sirf Tees Min by Chef Ganesh, Chef Nitin, Chef Harpal, Chef Anupa and Filmi Dhaba. These are just a few and many more will be announced soon.

Press meet to be followed by lunch.

70 thoughts on “FOODFOOD, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Food Channel ready for launch

  1. Saveena

    Awesome!!Our country sure needs a 24 hour food channel and I'm sure it'll be a huge hit considering Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is probably the only one who has infiltrated the 'saas-bahu' space successfully. All the best Chef! I'm eager to tune in to FOODFOOD πŸ™‚

  2. vinisha

    Congratulations Mr. Kapoor. All the best for your new venture. Hope we get 2c good, authentic, healthy and jhatpat khana bearing in mind today's lifestyle. 3 cheers 2 FOODFOOD. God bless ya πŸ™‚

  3. Val

    Congrats !! Really glad that u've chosen Madhuri Dixit Rene as the Brand Ambassador of your channel. Wish her too the very best this year has in store for her. I would like to know if i will get this channel on Tata Sky ?? thanks…have a great day !! keep smiling !!!:)

  4. Ajith

    The channel is mind blowing …Can see the future India devoting their families with good food…Is the official site yet created …. ?????I would like to go on with the recepies like the one it is there in ndtv goodtimes …..???There are thousands of chefs out there but creativity is the one that dwell from the best …

  5. Savita

    Nice Job Sir, it was a great thinking of yours to start the channel, its really fantastic. Best of Luck and thanks for the channel, we actually needed it…. πŸ™‚

  6. Gagan

    Congrats !! Really glad that u've chosen Madhuri Dixit Rene as the Brand Ambassador of your channel. Wish her too the very best this year has in store for her. I would like to know if i will get this channel on Tata Sky ?? thanks…have a great day !! keep smiling !!!:)

  7. Sagar Ranpise

    Hi Sir, Truly amazing channel. I am foodie and simply love to see cooking shows. my fav was TLC and now food food is also my fav. I loved all your shows thanks for starting the channel!With Regards,Sagar Ranpise

  8. sumetaggar

    Hello sir,Thanks for opening opening food food channel. It is awesome channel. the good thing about this channel is it is in hindi for this all the house wife in india can understand easly. the person who dnt go outside they make there receipy by watching your Firangi tadka prgm. your all the program are very good like tarvan tadka,sirf 30 min,5 baje ka south Indian khana.Thanks & RegardsManju chootani

  9. Samir

    Appreciate the effort to start a food channel. Have seen some shows on the channel. Some are good however some are mediocre. have started doubting the authenticity of the persons who come as "Chefs" in these shows after i saw this person who calls himself "chef Max" (bald person with a french beard).. this person is actually an employee in Air india ground services and even has a vigilance case against him.Samir

  10. kunal

    hi sir, i m big fan of your's.. i watch food food channel daily..but sometime i miss the programme ..if i open the food food website it won't open please help me..i love food.. i can't make the GHEBAR(sweet).please help for to make it..

  11. jenifer lewi

    hi sir we are very glade to this channel but here in chhattisgarh there no programme telecast what to do i am eagerly waiting for this can i open this website please let me know. i love food i wanted to make somthing new…………but i cant.

  12. preeti

    i love sanjeev uncle… you r very natural..n so is your channel… n i love the crisppy fight between u and madhuri… m a gr8 fannn…..of you… food food congrats…

  13. Speak

    Hi Sanjeev,I have heard that u r visiting speakaisa's GenXbazar in GOA. Do you know reality about speakasia? They are fraud MLM company. Many people are unhappy with them.

  14. Vish

    Dear Sanjeev,I am a die hard fan of your cooking. Have grown up watching you cook on zee, got married recently and discovered that my husband is a foodie.. believe me i feel food food channel has been a blessing for me as i really believe that the best way of winning your husband is thru his stomach.. πŸ™‚ I am so happy that you launched it at the rite time…. thanks a millian but i am working and tend to miss quite a lot… tried loging on to your website for receipes but the website just doesnt work… please help find a way to access the website at the earliest.Regards,Vishakha

  15. The Infinite

    i absolutely love this channel..! πŸ™‚ love the show 'health maange more' – they have very good and easy recipes. it cost me 11 rs extra to have this channel on my airtel dth.. but totally worth it!! πŸ™‚

  16. atul

    a v lovely channel. every recipe made so easy. the moment u c a recipe one feels like making it. mny a times i do try. many a times there are good tips which help at the time of cooking.but now the problem, i m not able to log on the channel FOODFOOD.COM. dont know the problem. pl help.bhawana

  17. Nalini

    i m also in same problem. i m not able to login side plz give me the rly i m waiting.i love u r channel me and my mom allways watching……thx for all chef to sharing good and tasty food with us…

  18. abhijeit

    its strange but the website doesnt work. i wonder y this matter hasnt been looked into yet. this has been happening since inception of the website. kindly do somethin, coz website will be a good resort to archive things and look into receipes wich we may hav missed.

  19. Monica

    When will be up and running?You are a roll model for everybody, then why being so ignorant on NOT making a website of but keep advertising it in every show?

  20. revathi.athibalamurugan

    Ur the best chef of all time .ur presentation and uniqueness of dishes make ur show special, it is not the show which are special by showing different dishes, it is u which make sample dishes to the best. I made most of ur dishes in morning for my husband launch teffin .every time I made ur dishes every time it is like by my husband and their friends. They are telling ur very lucky but I m lucky I got ur unique dishes which are sample and best.ur making show special and dishes too….

  21. vijay prasad kala

    I am an awid love*r* of Food Food Tv channel. All the chefs demonstrate
    complex cooking in a very easy manner.

    > The recipes shown are easy to cook at home and to impress our guests.All
    > chefs on this channel are very experiened and express their culinary tips
    > in a friendly manner. I make it a point to watch this channel almost
    > everyday as I get to learn new things which helps me in my day to day life
    > working as a chef .

    > *K*eep up the good work and thanks for inspiring me daily.
    > *L*ove you ‘Food Food’.
    > Thanks & Regards

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